NOCTEM Solutions

Turn-Key Solution


The NOCTEM team provides full support and evidence-based behavioral sleep recommendations directly to your patients and customers through our digital platform.

Access our Platform


Your organization licenses the platform for use by your providers, who are trained, certified, and supervised by the NOCTEM team. 

Scalable, Strategic, Cost-Efficient, Proven, and Personalized Digital Sleep Solutions


The NOCTEM digital platform and tools allow clinicians to offer high-quality services at a fraction of the time of traditional treatment protocols. 


NOCTEM products are designed to achieve and sustain short- and long-term sleep goals:  restorativeness, predictability, consolidation, and sufficiency.


NOCTEM supports the access and delivery of high-quality sleep care at a fraction of the costs incurred in traditional clinics and patients' expenses.   


NOCTEM brings recommended and evidence-based behavioral sleep management techniques into the hands of clinicians and patients they serve.  


NOCTEM algorithms and secure communication system allow for a high precision of sleep recommendations for each patient, and real-time support and communication. 

Providing Scalable Sleep Solutions to Meet Demands


NOCTEM is the only telemedicine platform that combines the high-quality care of sleep clinics and cost-efficiency of digital technologies.


NOCTEM helps reclaim dollars spent on sleep aids and gadgets with no or limited benefits.

Americans spend over $19B per year on sleep-related gadgets and apps that often to do resolve sleep problems. 

With NOCTEM, these sleep healthcare dollars can be redirected into the healthcare revenue stream to offer evidence-based and personalized sleep interventions.


Why is NOCTEM needed to meet sleep healthcare demands?

80 million adults in the US suffer from a sleep disorder. 

Many sleep disorders are best treated with behavioral interventions.

However, these interventions are not widely available.

On average, patients wait 17 years to receive evidence-based sleep treatments. 

NOCTEM provides the tools necessary to deliver personalized evidence-based behavioral sleep therapies at a fraction of the time and of the costs of traditional sleep clinics, without compromising clinical outcomes or patient satisfaction. 

With NOCTEM, patients can access high-quality sleep healthcare anywhere, anytime.  

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